A great success the 4150 District Breakfast of the great Rotary Family

Puerto Vallarta, Jal.- In a party atmosphere, camaraderie, brotherhood and joy was held here Saturday the District 31 4150 Breakfast was framed hotel lounge Jalisco Krystal gave welcome Rotary clubs in Sinaloa, Jalisco, Nayarit and Colima, as well as special guests who also enjoyed this great living.

They acted as event host Rotary Club Sunrise El Tuito, Bahia de Banderas, Bay of Jaltemba, La Peñita, Compostela, Marina Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta Pitillal and South Puerto Vallarta; Rotaract Clubs and Marina Puerto Vallarta, Vallarta, Vallarta Centro Vivo Vallarta South and UDG

Jhovaneé Monge, director of protocol, welcomed the audience and presented the presidium who led the 4150 District Governor Marco Antonio Carrillo Torres and Gabriel Higuera Zamorano, president of the Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Pitillal; Carmen Beatriz Encarnacion Diaz, president of the Rotary Club Marina Puerto Vallarta; Grain Paul Omar Maldonado, president of the Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta.

Rocio Nava  Videgaray,  special assistant to the  Governor Juan Ernesto Benitez Valle, president of Board of FURMEX (Mexico Fund Rotary Kingdom); José Luis Navarro Ochoa, deputy governor; José Aristeo Sandoval Ceja, nominated governor 2017-2018; Rivera Amador Ruiz, president of the Rotary Club of Banderas Bay; Ignacio Bobadilla Luis Zuniga, president of the Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta South Zambrano and Jorge Hernandez, assistant governor in Puerto Vallarta.

Also present as special guests were, among others, Magdalena Ortega Salinas, Sunrise Rotary Club of El Tuito Cabo Corrientes; Carlos Rendón Vazquez, of the Rotary Club Jaltemba Bay; and Salma Yunuet Ramos, president of the Rotaract Club Puerto Vallarta Downtown; Laura Raquel Lopez Salcedo, president of Rotaract Club South Location Vallarta; Mijangos Sleedht Edgar Yanez, UDG Rotaract Club, Ahumada and Jorge Enrique Hernandez, president of the Rotaract Club Puerto Vallarta.

After registration of participants began the program with the bell by the Governor Carrillo Torres to quickly give way to the Pledge of Allegiance by the new Rotaract Club Marina Vallarta, greeting and farewell. The protocols were made by Laura Lopez, Edgar Mijangos, Gloria Carrillo read out the quad screen, and finally Jorge Hernandez read the objective Rotary.

Then came an interesting and prolonged intervention by a very special guest, Juan Ernesto Benitez Valle, Chairman of the Board of FURMEX (Mexico Fund Rotary Kingdom) Jhovaneé Monge who made a brief sketch of his extensive experience in the Rotary field and then he showed it by giving a great show an interesting and detailed discussion about what is and is precisely the United Fund. In concluding his presentation Governor Carrillo Torres on behalf of the Rotary family she gave him recognition.

The program continued with the inauguration of the new governor to five Rotarians, swearing in the new Rotaract Club Marina Puerto Vallarta; then came another Rotarian intervention to discuss the Ameca River Sustainability was also very wide and interesting.

Then came an emotional moment with the intervention of “Cesarín” a rotaractivo partner who sang a beautiful poem with his beautiful voice that drew carloads of applause. Another moment was too emotional when Mrs. Rosalba Castorena Carrillo, wife of the governor of District 4150, gave a present to the host -presidentas ladies or wives of presidents Rotarian as precisely thanks for their hospitality and organization of the event.

Among the attendees we should also note the presence of a group of Youth Exchange students from different countries like France, Belgium, Finland, Taiwan, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Brazil currently living in different states of our Republic pursuing a university degree program .

Finally there was a series of warnings of different clubs about their upcoming activities inviting their events as the walk “Carlos Canseco” Halloween parties, raffles, etc., and the event ended with the invitation of the presidents of the clubs Rotary Mazatlan AC, Mazatlan North and Rosario, as well as coordinator of Mazatlan Area Youth Exchange Programme Students, Oscar Tirado, and the young Brazilian Joao, this program, your next District Breakfast in Mazatlan to be held on 12 December by 4150 the same District.